3 Questions to Explode Your Success

So 2016 wasn’t my worst year…nor was it my best year. I had some personal challenges…and some success. As such, I haven’t “arrived” yet and I continue to strive to be the best that I can be. I love what John Maxwell says, “sometimes I win…and sometimes I learn” So I want to share some of what I learned this last year and what will help you and I win this year!!!

First, be sure to always start with questions…LOTS of questions…Lots and lots and lots of questions…in the right order. I find that I often jump to the “how” and the “what” before I have the below questions figured out. I also find that when I do things in the right order, I get much more lasting success and real results!!!

One of the other concepts I have shared a lot over this last year (Click here for more awesomeness) is to have laser sharp, crystal clear, focus…over time. It’s easy to get focused on something at that moment, however we must strive to keep the main thing as THE MAIN THING!!!

It’s a challenge to stay focused on the right things…over time.

So here are my questions I use to before I start any new endeavors and projects. I come back to these questions often as they help me stay focused on what’s important. Try them and watch your success and results increase immediately and exponentially.

#1. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY??? The simplest, most powerful question ever!!! After I had decided to pursue leadership consulting and speaking full time, I fell back on my Six Sigma days and looked at the five “whys” for my decision, to examine, re-examine and re-re-examine whether or not my decision was a good one for me, my family, my life. I had to be sure that my “why” was bomb-proof because when times get tough (as they often will) I had to have a solid “why”. What about you? What does your “why” look like? Will it stand up to the stress test?

Will your “why” carry you through the ridiculously hard times you will experience as a business owner, leader or entrepreneur,

#2. WHO are you? No more excuses. We only get one shot at this life. It’s up to us to decide who we want to be. I can’t always define my situations and circumstances. I can always define how I choose to react. I choose to be a man of honor, courage, commitment, discipline, integrity, servanthood and humility. This is MY life and I choose, and live accordingly as to who I want to be. I choose who I do business with and I choose to be above board and deliver fair solutions at a fair price. I choose to live with integrity and excellence in all I do. I still make mistakes…we all do…however I choose not to let one failure…nor one success…define me. Excellence is a way of life. Something I have to choose to do each and every day!!! What about you? What are your core values? What do you want to be known for this year? Answer these questions truthfully and it will help you to chart a clear path going forward.

Excellence is more than one act, event, seminar or book…it’s a way of life!!!

#3. WHEN ??? When is Christmas? December 25. When is Halloween? October 31. When is Fourth of July? I know, I know…duh…lol. Seriously…I hear people talk about goals, ambitions, and what they are going to do “someday”. Then I ask them “when” and ask them for a specific date. Then the deer-in-the-headlights look shows up and the real fun begins. They get the point and the value of how important “when” is and how it must be defined on our calendars in writing if we want to accomplish the goal. Even after the realization sets in, it is still amazing how many people won’t set a date on their phones, or in their calendars. I insist on putting anything important to me on my calendar ASAP as I know if I don’t, it won’t get done!!!

And quick bonus thought…most people try to do too much in a month and not enough in a year. Smaller, more frequent goals will help you get better, stronger, faster, as we humans love to see progress!

Set your longterm (and short term) goals and objectives ON YOUR CALENDAR…and do it TODAY !!!

BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF…what goals, objectives, projects, initiatives, and concepts need to get on your calendar? What’s stopping you from putting them on the calendar TODAY???? Come on…we all have at least one thing that needs to be on there…Get it done. Get it done right now

That’s it for now…until next time, Here’s to your massive success!!!!