Today is a REAL post for REAL leaders everywhere and it’s an exercise we all should do for ourselves. Take a walk through a cemetary and tell me what you see. Grass, trees, headstones right? What about the “dash”?

One day, the headstone above will be actually be mine! And to stop the rumor mill right now, yes…I am still very much alive

* I see potential…and LOTS of it! And sadly…it’s mostly WASTED POTENTIAL!

* I see people who had the cure for cancer and never did anything about it.

* I see people who had beautiful music inside their hearts and never sung nor wrote it.

* I see people who said things they never meant and didn’t have the opportunity (or courage) to correct those things.

* Don’t be the person who limited themselves to small thinking, small results and a small life!!!

* I see people who would have been world class ballet dancers, could have been incredible athletes, should have climbed Mount Everest.

* I see people so wrapped up in themselves, that they lost sight of what’s really important!!!

* I see all the woulda, coulda, shoulda people that may have changed the world!!!!

I know most of the people in the graveyard didn’t plan to die on the day they died. I know most people used someday and soon way too often. I know a person’s history does not dictate their future. I also know how important it is to die empty and to use up all of our potential…every last bit that God has given us!!!
As leaders in the business world, in our communities, in our churches, in our homes, it should be our utmost priority to fully live up to our dash daily!!!
Here’s what my DASH looks like right now: I believe in God, Family, Country and then everything else…in that order. I am fiercely, totally, completely, ridiculously dedicated to help others reach their absolute fullest potential in their lives. Whether it’s spiritual, physical, mental, social, emotional, or financial, I help willing people be the absolute BEST they can be!!!!! I help others because I believe…no…I KNOW…I was created to motivate, equip, and transform people who will help motivate, equip and transform the world…

There’s more to my DASH. LOTS more. And it’s time to go live up to my DASH and quit writing about it

What about you? How’s your DASH?

Have a brilliant weekend my friends!!!