What do Diamonds and Pig Manure have in common??

In today’s fast paced society of increasing conflict, ever changing requirements, increasing time pressures and elevated stress, we all need some simple tools, ideas and concepts that help us to truly be successful, focused, and get real results.

Several months ago, I posted a link about excellence and my core values. It is who I am at my deepest essence. This post is a continuation specifically written for leaders everywhere, and is some of the absolute best of the best of what I have accumulated through my mentors and experience thus far in life.
This will take you about a minute to read and I GUARANTEE you will get value as These “Leadership Diamonds” REALLY work both professionally and personally. Please feel free to question or comment on any or all points… Here we go


* Let’s start with Diamonds and pig manure. Most people are one or the other. Diamond doesn’t change pig manure and pig manure doesn’t change diamond. Keep that in mind when you find yourself in manure filled situations.

* Your LIFE is WAY more important than your work.

* Set your priorities for if you don’t someone else will. Mine are God, Family, Country and then everything else.

* Take care of your body. This isn’t rocket science. Eat less, exercise more, drink more water, sleep more.

* Be AWARE, INTENTIONAL, and ACCOUNTABLE about your life.

* Make a decision, take ownership of your decision and do the right thing.

* It pays to be a winner but NEVER at the expense of others. It’s just not worth it to step on someone else to get to the top.

* Pick and choose your victories. Just because you are correct doesn’t make you right.

* Learn new things and earn your title/ position each and every day!


* Sometimes our lives, our jobs, our relationships suck. It’s gonna happen. Deal with it.

* 3 minutes of whine time is plenty long and then it’s time to figure out how to get better!

* No more excuses. Eliminate them all. If you want success, then do the right things in the right time in the right order to get success.

* CHOOSE LIFE!!! Shift from “I’m gonna survive today” to “I’m gonna THRIVE today”. It’s your choice!

* Don’t fly by the seat of your pants every day!

* Want to be the BEST? Then TRAIN FOR IT EVERY DAY so that when it’s time you can EXECUTE FLAWLESSLY!!!

* Drop your bad attitude at the door. How you act is how your team will act.

* Figure out what you are good at, then become as ridiculously proficient at is humanly possible.

Do the common, uncommonly well!!!!

* 1,000 “Good Job” acknowledgments are cancelled out by the one “Oh Crap” moment.

* Volunteer for EVERYTHING…Be that “CAN DO” person. Seriously.

* Be the BEST that you can be, not just the bare minimum someone else expects you to be.


* This is my TRULY most powerful diamond. No religion…no hype…just simply Love God and Love People. Everything else will work itself out.

* BE REAL!!! There is enough fake crap out there to fill a bazillion libraries. TRUTH IS AMAZING!!!!!! BE REAL!!!!!!!

* Spray glue and duct tape have many uses. Be creative with what you have vs whining for what you don’t have

* Surround yourself with QUALITY people who have YOUR best interests at heart!

* Ego and liquor will destroy the very best of us.

* Build yourself. Build your team. Build your organization. In that order.

* Finally…The graveyard is the biggest collection of unused potential! Use up ALL of the potential God has created and gifted you with. ALL OF IT!

So how about you? What are your “Leadership Diamonds” that help you be successful every day? I would love to hear your thoughts and insights!!!